Bully for Me

I’ve been watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I can stomach only so many episodes–usually one–at a time, because it threatens to send me into a funk. It’s that good. It’s that real. It hits me close to the heart, in the lungs maybe. It certainly steals my breath. You see, I lived something like […]

Carving the first draft

So, I started a chapter in my newly rechristened novella, Drawn: Emergence, this morning only to realize it wasn’t going the way it should. This is a rare occurrence for me, because I’m an insane outliner. For example, this story will weigh in at around 20k words when complete. The outline for it is a […]

Actually, I’m an alliteration alum

I love alliterations. I unintentionally use them all the time, both in speech and writing. It’s not that I think them clever–well, not in every instance–but I do find them alluring. They’re pretty to my ear. Unfortunately, as a general rule, alliterations are a no-no in prose. There are times to use them, but those […]


The whiteboard next to my writing space is filled with strange notes my younger self wants this present self to know/remember. Most reference stories I’m writing or want to write, though a few come from strange dreams. Here’s a taste: Sparechild Numbers 5 Bolster-Drawn They travel in pairs Cat Face Brain Tanning Make Oil Lamps […]

Boarding the Word Train

Yesterday, I finished the first draft of The Company King, a short story I was invited to pen for an anthology. It’s a compilation of high fantasy stories told from opposing views. Each author writes one story from the POV of a dwarf and another from that of an elf. The two sides have been […]

Bright Idea

I’m plotting a lead-in novella for my novel, Drawn. I pitched an idea for it to my wife, but told her I didn’t like it. The concept strayed from the thriller-style narrative I’ve cultivated in Drawn into a YA meet cute concept. While I’m not opposed to meet-cute, it just didn’t hit my target audience. […]

Rococo by the Bay

Rococo by the Bay by David Alan Jones “He telling like a felon,” said Purn. The old saw man snapped a lighter, its spark flashing red in the clingy darkness. “Who he telling?” asked Reese, but he knew the answer same as me. Reese was sharp on nailing words of consequence and little bites of […]


I’m letting the 20% bother me today instead of putting my efforts toward the 80%! I just spent thirty minutes investigating the idea of starting a new ThirdScribe website so I can change my address from davjonz to davidalanjones. I know it’s possible to redirect the URL so it works, but that has so far […]

It’s All Good

It’s all good if it’s done right! I’ve been struggling with a chapter in my current WIP. It’s the big climatic face-off scene in an urban fantasy, so it requires that I bring to fruition all the promises I’ve made throughout twenty-nine chapters of action, strange powers, and complex human interactions. I finished it a […]