The Collective

Collective nouns are fun: A murder of crows. A parliament of owls. A sounder of boars. My Drawn series includes two supernatural races: succubi and vampires. For my vampires, I’m mostly dispensing with the traditional collective noun coven and instead calling them a blood, i.e. a blood of vampires. I like how this reads. However, […]

Big News!

I have signed a 3 book deal with Falstaff ( for my Drawn series! This was an astonishing development for me, because I thought they were only interested in the first book, with a chance at follow-on titles should it do well. Imagine my delight when the contract called for three novels! I’m over the […]


I am currently outlining book two in my urban fantasy series called Drawn. So far, the process has been easy, which worries me. Book two in a three book series is supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to thwart my every attempt at dredging up drama that is both hot enough to sustain the narrative […]

Anne Rice Rocks

  I’ve always loved Anne Rice’s vampire novels. As a teen, I gorged on Interview With a Vampire and the Lestat stories. Where Stephen King taught me that creepy could be tantalizingly cerebral, Anne taught me that creepy could be sexy as well.

Whiteboard Weirdness

As an author, my mind is rife with crazy ideas. They come to me at the oddest moments (mostly in the shower). Many are cliche or just plain stupid, but some have fueled my best stories and novels. In order to keep up with the onslaught of story prompts, snippets of dialogue, and general blather […]

The Thought of Evolution

This afternoon, while crossing the parking lot at work to reach my car (it’s a 5 minute walk one way), an idea happened upon me: evolution is a form of thought. That’s one of the reasons it requires no mind to drive it. It is a mind.   — david j.


Usta-could: (n) the growing list of skills and abilities lost to an individual due to time, circumstances, and laziness.

The Tell Tale

I wrote my first story that wasn’t a school assignment when I was eleven. It was called 101 Missiles. It involved a meteor on a collision course with the Earth, a scientist with a new formula for an incredibly powerful acid, and…101 missiles. Turns out that was the exact number required to burn up the […]

Back in 2003…

I was dabbling with writing. I wrote flash fiction most every day for a few years after the venerable Jay Lake told me to get off his blog and write my own stuff 😉 All these old stories, some of them carrying sparks of novels to come, are still online: Here’s a one I dashed […]