Ambrosia Book 2

And so it begins…again. I started a new novel today, Ambrosia: The Diet of Amrit. This is book two in the Ambrosia series. Book one is complete, though I plan to give it a couple more polishing passes before I send it to my editor and/or agents and publishers. 2,214 words ain’t bad for day […]

Meat Hooks

There are so many hoops to jump through when crafting an opening line/sequence to a novel. For Ambrosia, I must consider my target audience’s age (8-12), their reading ability, my second target audience–editors and agents–who will be viewing my efforts with their jaundiced eyes, and what best serves my narrative. This job is hard.

Times and Reasons

I heard someone say, “It’s scary to be a man these days,” alluding to the many accusations of sexual misconduct against men in positions of power that have hit the media the past several weeks and months. No. It’s scary to be a predator these days. Just as it’s been scary to be a victim […]


I am continually pestered by doubts as I hammer through the first draft of my current novel. These impostor  syndrome babies take the form of pinch-faced sprites in my head. They snipe at me with their nasally voices, rolling rheumy eyes at my foibles and missteps. They entice and entreat me, berate and accuse me, […]

The Collective

Collective nouns are fun: A murder of crows. A parliament of owls. A sounder of boars. My Drawn series includes two supernatural races: succubi and vampires. For my vampires, I’m mostly dispensing with the traditional collective noun coven and instead calling them a blood, i.e. a blood of vampires. I like how this reads. However, […]

Big News!

I have signed a 3 book deal with Falstaff ( for my Drawn series! This was an astonishing development for me, because I thought they were only interested in the first book, with a chance at follow-on titles should it do well. Imagine my delight when the contract called for three novels! I’m over the […]


I am currently outlining book two in my urban fantasy series called Drawn. So far, the process has been easy, which worries me. Book two in a three book series is supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to thwart my every attempt at dredging up drama that is both hot enough to sustain the narrative […]